Mitch Trubisky-The Best By Default

North Carolina 6-3 220lbs Jr.

Can He Play?
Yes, but he won’t be great. He will put up decent passing numbers on bad teams but will be a capable quarterback with a solid supporting cast.

Who Is He?
Trubisky is a mobile quarterback with the necessary arm strength, accuracy, and pocket presence to keep the chains moving. His accuracy wanes downfield and outside the numbers. Trubisky also likes to throw to his checkdown receiver rather than let his receivers get into their routes. However, he is efficient, and is able to drive the ball downfield. One of his best traits is his mobility, and he is willing to pound it in near the goal line.

Marcus Mariota. I know, I’m breaking the unwritten rule of comparing players of different races, but Trubisky fits the Mariota profile. Like Mariota, he is cautious with the ball, mobile, and will put up good stats, even if his team sucks (which it probably will).

Where He’ll Go
Talent wise, Trubisky is a late 1st rounder, but since this draft class features mediocre top QB talent, he will probably go 1st overall to Cleveland or whomever they trade the pick to. If he does go to Cleveland, disregard all the good things I said about him and accept that he will be horseshit in the league.

Final Thoughts
I would be scared to invest too much into Trubisky. Trubisky’s that guy who will sell jerseys and make young fans who only look at stats happy. He’s a franchise QB tease, in that he’ll make you think that he’s got it if you look at the box score, but he will never be the guy that makes his team great. I would draft Trubisky in the first round only if we had some talent around him, which would let him be a component of an offense, rather than the guy we would rely on to win.

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