Brad Kaaya Sucks

University of Miami 6-4 210lbs

Brad Kaaya is not an NFL quarterback, plain and simple. As far as the "top" QB prospects go, Kaaya is by far the worst. He has a strong enough arm, good size, and put up a winning record at The U, but everything else about his game sucks. Kaaya has absolutely no downfield accuracy, and has piss-poor ball placement on short to intermediate throws in that he always makes his receivers work the ball. Probably the worst thing about his game is his lack of calm under pressure. He crumbles the second a defensive player gets in the backfield. To be fair, his offensive line was terrible, but he will probably play behind a shitty offensive line in the NFL too. To sum it up, Kaaya is a raw, jittery, and seriously flawed prospect. I have seen him projected anywhere from the 1st to the 4th round, but I wouldn't touch him before round 6. At best, and I mean at the very best, he is Ryan Fitzpatrick, minus the beard and the whole Harvard thing.

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