Fortnite-The Unwritten Rules

Just like when old, morbidly obese journalists find themselves disgusted after an athlete breaks the unwritten of baseball, or when a fellow journalist cheers in the press box, I find myself trying to keep from blowing chunks when I see players on Fortnite violate the unwritten code of conduct. It’s like we’ve forgotten the principles of sportsmanship in the world of esports, and that is bullshit. It’s high time we, and by we I mean I, set the moral standard for playing Fortnite. Side note, I’m really bad at Fortnite  

1. Don’t dance over a knocked or eliminated player. An utterly despicable act  the equivalent of a power hitter bunting in baseball

2. When landing with another player, allow said player to get a gun and get situated before you start shooting. It’s extremely unfair that you get to kill me at Tilted Towers just because you can press X faster.

3. Don’t build a structure over two stories. This is a battle royale, not Sim City.

4. Don’t destroy another man’s trap. It’s a bitch move, walk around.

5. Don’t engage another player with a shrinking circle. You both need to get out of there, why not team up and make the journey together?

6. Don’t use animations after a win. Act like you’ve been there before and win with some class.

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