Is Leonard Fournette Overrated?

Can He Play?
Yes, the former top overall recruit can play, but he is not the second coming of Adrian Peterson as many have stated. And he’s a little bit overrated in my opinion.

Who Is He?
Fournette is a fast and powerful runner with great size. He likes to lower his head and truck defenders, and has a killer spin move that he loves to use to break away from tacklers (seriously, his spin move rating in Madden better be over 90).

Why He’s Not That Good
I have a few serious concerns with Fournette. First off, he is very hesitant when running up the middle. Fournette has a little bit of He Who Shall Not Be Named (Trent Richardson) in him when it comes to making a freaking decision on where to run. I don’t see with him the ability to work his way through small gaps in the defense, or much lateral quickness while working through traffic. Part of me is also concerned that his playing style will not translate to the NFL. Like I said, he struggles to make plays in traffic, and most of his big time production came with a lot of space in front of him, and against shitty competition. Fournette’s film against Alabama and Wisconsin show how much he struggles when things don’t go his way.

Compares To
Chris Johnson. Fournette has much better size and is more powerful than CJ2K, but they are similar in that they both look for the big play over taking what is given to them. Johnson was a frustrating player during his time with the Titans because of his desire to hit the home run every play, and I can see Fournette’s career playing out in a similar way.

Where He’ll Go?
Fournette is made to be a Jet, which only increases his chances to disappoint in the NFL. Don’t be surprised, however, if he’s the second running back off the board.

Final Thoughts
I really don’t like Fournette as a prospect, but he has so much damn talent that he is a no-brainer first round pick for most teams. I do think that that he has some bust potential, but his size and speed will be enough for him to contribute in some way. Just don’t forget star college running backs who were supposed to be studs but kind of sucked in the pros, guys like: Darren McFadden, Reggie Bush, Cedric Benson, and He Who Shall Not Be Named.

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