Jon’s NFL Mock Draft Three

2017 NFL Draft begins tonight of ESPN/NFL Network

My third and final mock draft of the offseason. There is a lot of misinformation and fake news about different clubs’ interest in players. The consensus is that Cleveland is actually looking to trade up from 12 to try to grab both Garrett and Trubisky (See!! Trubisky to Cleveland wasn’t completely crazy)! We’re coming up on the home stretch so let’s see how many prospects will screw up this week. Let’s get this NFL Mock Draft started!

This mock draft does not take into account any potential trades that could happen on draft night, but there will definitely be some jostling as we all get closer to the draft.

Be sure to comment with your own opinions and picks, and to follow along for future mock drafts by this author, and the other cohosts too.

1. Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M

Maybe Cleveland has figured out how to not mess this up. Rumors are that the Browns are looking to trade up so that they can get both players they want. Maybe Kevin Costner snuck in and is running the front office so who knows what they’ll actually do. Garrett is still considered by nearly everyone to be the best player in this draft so the Browns will take him.

Previous Selection – Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina

2. San Francisco 49ers – Leonard Fournette, RB LSU

This may have seemed crazy months ago, but the stories coming out of Santa Clara are the Carlos Hyde does not fit into Kyle Shanahan’s offensive scheme. And if they can still swindle Kirk Cousins from Washington, then the 49ers will have a great running back to compliment their offense.

Previous Selection – Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M

3. Chicago Bears – Malik Hooker, Safety THE Ohio State University

Malik Hooker is a savvy playmaker but with limited experience in college. Look for the Bears to try to trade back (with the Browns?) but Hooker can provide a day one improvement in the secondary.

Previous Selection – Jonathan Allen, DT Alabama

4. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jamal Adams, Safety LSU

Bouncing around on different players for their secondary, Jamal Adams provides a ball hawking playmaker to replace (and be an improvement over) Jonathan Cyprian. The addition of AJ Bouye and Calais Campbell means that a stud at safety makes this defense even better. Now if the product on the field can follow the hype…

Previous Selection – Marston Lattimore, CB THE Ohio State University

5. Tennessee Titans – OJ Howard, TE Alabama

OJ Howard has been moving up team’s draft boards and the Titans have made it clear that they want to go offense and defense with their first two picks. OJ Howard is a stud player to go along with aging Delanie Walker. Also look for the Browns to move up here to jump the Jets to grab a quarterback.

Previous Selection – Jamal Adams, Safety LSU

6. New York Jets – Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina

The Jets seem to not be sold on Christian Hackenberg after all, and if Trubisky can fall to the Jets then they feel as if they have to take him. It appears that the Bills, Dolphins and Patriots may all have their own franchise quarterbacks, and the Jets need one to even be able to compete.

Previous Selection – Quincy Wilson, CB Florida

7. Los Angeles Chargers – Jonathan Allen, DE/DT Alabama

Yes the Chargers drafted Joey Bosa. Yes they need help in the secondary. But to many Jonathan Allen has the potential to be a top 5 player, and the Chargers cannot let him keep falling. Allen can play across the line and he can demand offensive linemen double teams which could potentially open up Bosa to bring even more pressure.

Previous Selection – Malik Hooker, Safety THE Ohio State University

8. Carolina Panthers – Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford

Everyone appears to be in consensus that the Panthers will go running back, and if the 49ers do take Fournette, then the Panthers will take their next favorite back; Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey has been impressing teams in meetings and on tape. McCaffrey can pass block, be a great target out of the backfield and can be a weapon in the return game. That versatility is key in a Cam Newton offense.

Previous Selection – Leonard Fournette, RB LSU

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Solomon Thomas, DE Stanford

This pick has not changed for me, and other mock drafters also see Thomas coming to Cincinnati. Thomas is a day one ready prospect to help bring edge support, as well as provide some relief for Geno Atkins.

10. Buffalo Bills – Mike Williams, WR Clemson

The Bills still need playmakers and the rumor mill is saying that Sammie Watkins may not be in the long term plans for Buffalo. Mike Williams provides a big-bodied, fast and athletic receiver that will be a strong number one for Tyrod Taylor or whomever is the signal caller in the future.

11. New Orleans Saints – Marshon Lattimore, CB THE Ohio State University

It seems as if most teams are trying to trade back to around this point. The Saints are in an interesting position to be able to grab a player who may fall or the best of the rest. If it plays out like this, then the Saints will have the option to pick up a strong playmaker cornerback. Going against Mike Evans, Julio Jones and Kelvin Benjamin in six of their 16 games, the Saints need a strong corner to keep them in check, and Lattimore provides the ability to cover them one on one.

Previous Selection – Taco Charlton, DE Michigan

12. Cleveland Browns – Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson

Look for the Browns to move heaven and earth to try to move up to the top six to try to draft Trubisky ahead of the Jets. If they can’t, then look the Browns to take the next best option at signal caller. Watson has been pegged to be a first round quarterback, and the Browns can’t wait until next year for Sam Darnold to fall to them. Coach Hue Jackson works well in training quarterbacks, and Watson could be the young talent for the Browns in a division of aging quarterbacks.

Previous Selection – Dalvin Cook, RB Florida State

13. Arizona Cardinals – Reuben Foster, LB Alabama

Bruce Arians has made it a mission to help troubled players, and there are rumors that Reuben Foster may have a troubled past that needs to be watched. Both Robert Nkemdiche and Tyrann Mathieu had troubled pasts, and Arians worked with them to keep them on the straight and narrow. Reuben Foster is a very good playmaker that is great against the run and the pass, and brings youth to an aging team.

Previous Selection – Teez Tabor, CB Florida

14. Philadelphia Eagles – Taco Charlton, DE Michigan

Like I reported before, Connor Barwin became a salary cap casualty, and Taco Charlton is an immediate replacement. Charlton had a strong Combine and pro day, and has had an impressive jump up draft boards since the end of the season. Could it be smoke and mirrors? Probably. But the Eagles need help now and Charlton can carry the slack of the position.

Previous Selection – Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee

15. Indianapolis Colts – Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee

The Colts are in the position to take the best player available, but it is assumed that they’ll take the best defensive player available. The Colts offense, while lacking in some areas, is still competent but the defense is woeful. The Colts were great when Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis could come off the edge and force pressure without blitzing. I’m not saying Derek Barnett is at that level, but he is a consistent pressure guy from the edge. If the Colts can get pressure without blitzing like years of old, then the defense can take a step up.

Previous Selection – Reuben Foster, LB Alabama

16. Baltimore Ravens – Cam Robinson, OT Alabama

The Ravens’ pick hasn’t changed on my latest board. Cam Robinson is still a great replacement for Ricky Wagner and can play across the line. Pro-ready linemen are a great long term addition to any team, and while they aren’t sexy they are great improvements.

17. Washington – Gareon Conley, CB THE Ohio State University

Nobody knows where Gareon Conley will fall after alleged sexual assault claims have surfaced from Columbus. Washington needs another corner opposite Josh Norman and Conley, if he checks out, can fit that role. Washington does need help on the offensive side of the ball but Conley may be the best player on the board, and we know that Dan Snyder doesn’t care what you think about his team.

Previous Selection – Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama

18. Tennessee Titans – Teez Tabor, CB Florida

I still think that the Titans will go offense and defense in the first round (if they actually keep the picks), but OJ Howard keeps moving up on draft boards and the Titans can’t wait until 18. When they get to here, they’ll go defense and adding a strong corner like Tabor is a fit in their complex defense. Stopping premier receivers like DeAndre Hopkins and TY Hilton is important in the AFC South, so the Titans need to keep up in the secondary.

Previous Selection – OJ Howard, TE Alabama

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Dalvin Cook, RB Florida State

Jameis Winston AND Dalvin Cook? Jimbo Fisher coming next? The Muscle Hamster has been uncomfortable with his contract situation in Tampa, and Dalvin is an upgrade. Being in a small market near his family may be a way to keep Cook’s off field issues from getting out of hand, and playing with a former teammate can always be helpful. Make no mistake, Cook’s speed and versatility is a great weapon to fit in that offense.

Previous Selection – David Njoku, TE University of Miami

20. Denver Broncos – Ryan Ramczyk, OT Wisconsin

This pick is not sexy at all, but the Broncos need help offensively. Caught in a salary cap bind, Ramczyk is a long term solution to help that offensive line. Ramczyk played well against NFL quality opponents in the Big Ten.

21. Detroit Lions – Jarrad Davis, LB Florida

Another name that keeps flying up draft boards. Jarrad Davis is a quality outside linebacker that can also play inside. Versatility is a key when taking players in the mid to late first round. Running a 4-3 defense really allows Davis to play coverage which is where he did the best at Florida. This pick screams best player available and that’s a great strategy in a division that goes against a premier quarterback.

Previous Selection – Charles Harris, DE Mizzou

22. Miami Dolphins – Charles Harris, DE Mizzou

Miami’s front office has come out and said that character is key for their team. Jarrad Davis may be their target, but if he goes off the board then look for the ‘fins to reinforce their defensive line. The Mario Williams experiment was a failure, and Cameron Wake is still a beast but he’s on the wrong side of 30. Harris can get experience while the opposing offenses keep targeting Suh and Wake.

Previous Selection – Forrest Lamp, OG Western Kentucky

23. New York Giants – Garrett Bolles, OT Utah

New York’s defense has not changed much, and they added Brandon Marshall as an additional weapon. It’s important to keep Eli Manning upright, and with his age the hits will start adding up. Bolles can be an addition with Erick Flowers to help a youth movement on the Giants’ offensive line.

Previous Selection – Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford

24. Las Vegas Raiders – Zach Cunningham, LB Vanderbilt

Like I’ve said before, Perry Riley and Bruce Irvin are getting older, and they still have a hole in their linebacking corps. Zach Cunningham is a little more raw than earlier linebacking prospects, but he can learn from the veterans and can provide a good outside presence to reinforce the coverage behind the sack ability of their line players like Khalil Mack.

25. Houston Texans – DeShone Kizer, QB Notre Dame

The Texans are on the wrong side of the quarterback dance, and will be stuck either waiting to take one in the late first round, or trading up and overpaying for one. Bill O’Brien has coached up a decent team, and they are a decent-to-good quarterback away from being a constant playoff appearance team. Kizer is rough around the edges, and may need work. But current quarterback Tom Savage does have playing experience, and can help Kizer learn the ropes. Hey, that strategy worked well for Jared Goff…

26. Seattle Seahawks – Forrest Lamp, OG Western Kentucky

The Seahawks still need offensive linemen, and if they are indeed keeping Richard Sherman then they need to target an offensive lineman to help protect Russell Wilson. Lamp may not be an outside lineman, but he can play the inside three positions on the line. Pete Carroll does like to make a splash, but this is the logical pick.

Previous Selection – Garrett Bolles, OT Utah

27. Kansas City Chiefs – Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama

Marlon Humphrey is a big-bodied cornerback that can play well with Eric Berry and Marcus Peters. Many teams expect the Chiefs to go offense but the best player available is a cornerback. Like I said before, the Chiefs would make sense to go defense here and quarterback later with Josh Dobbs or Brad Kaaya.

Previous Selection – Gareon Conley, CB THE Ohio State University

28. Dallas Cowboys – Adoree Jackson, CB Southern Cal

The Cowboys have two options here; they can follow talent or they can make a splash. Maybe Jerry Jones has learned his lesson and he’ll target a team’s need. Adoree Jackson is another stud cornerback in this draft and while everyone talks about the tight ends, they are ignoring the range of cornerbacks across the draft.

29. Green Bay Packers – Takkarist McKinley, OLB UCLA

The Packers built a fast, small defense to stop the pass after they take the lead with Aaron Rodgers. McKinley fits the mold of a quick outside linebacker (like Clay Matthews or AJ Hawk). McKinley can play instantly, but can also sit back and learn from the veterans and help hone is game.

Previous Selection – Haasan Reddick, DE Temple

30. Pittsburgh Steelers – Pat Mahomes, QB Texas Tech

All three of the 2004 quarterback class (Rivers, Manning, Roethlisberger) are getting even older and there are questions for all three. The Steelers have been adding key players, and it appears to be time to add a quarterback to sit and learn behind an eventual Hall of Famer. Mahomes is either a love or hate guy, and his style of play could be compared to that of Roethlisberger. Picking him in the first round allows the Steelers the option to pick up a fifth year which gives them a lot more latitude in keeping a young quarterback as an eventual replacement.

Previous Selection – Deshaun Watson – QB Clemson

31. Atlanta Falcons – Jabrill Peppers, Safety? LB? Michigan

Diluted sample? Dan Quinn doesn’t care. Gabriel Peppers’ biggest problem is that nobody knows exactly where he’ll play. Different teams have him at four different positions: safety, linebacker, cornerback and running back… It would make sense to put him out on the field in the nickel and just cover the Gronks of the league. His motor is his best ability, and if he can keep himself out of trouble then he can be a great defensive playmaker.

32. New Orleans Saints – Davis Webb, QB Cal

Ok let me explain this; Davis Webb is looking like a big project for a team, and it may not even be the Saints’ pick. But drafting Webb in the first round allows a team to have a fifth year option later in his career. Both Albert Breer and Pat Forde have said teams are interested in this pick, and if the Saints can spend the time on Webb then they can groom him to eventually replace Drew Brees.

Previous Selection – Tim Williams, LB Alabama

We’re just hours out; let’s see how big of a shitshow this draft becomes!!

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