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NFC Training Camp Battles

QB Mitchell Trubisky vs QB Mike Glennon
Chicago Bears

The post Jay Cutler era in Chicago begins with the Monsters of the Midway having an overpriced backup duke it out with an overdrafted rookie who looks like the next Mark Sanchez (dark horse candidate for the starting job btw). In the end, Glennon will win the job out of camp and will lead the Bears to a 1 and 4 record before John Fox panics and realizes that the brass in Chicago is figuring out that he’s actually not a very good head coach and benches Glennon for Trubisky who will go 0 and 3 before Fox is fired. The positive in all of this is that everything Trubisky does will show his “potential” and give plenty of false hope to Chicagoeans for the next year.

Projected “Winner”-Mike Glennon, sort of.


RB Devonta Freeman vs Atlanta Falcons Front Office
Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons running back who can’t even fuck with whale sharks-the pussies of the shark species, thinks he’s worth top dollar and was called “elite” by his agent. Obviously, running backs aren’t worth much nowadays, even “elite” backs like Freeman struggle to land huge contract extensions. Making matters worse for Freeman, the Falcons have a capable, elite if you will, back in Tevin Coleman sitting behind him.

Projected Winner-Atlanta Falcons Front Office


CB Justin Bethel vs CB Brandon Williams
Arizona Cardinals

Nothing says training camp like a good battle for the number two cornerback spot. Incumbent starter Bethel who was described as a “failure in progress” by a guy who used to drink paint is fighting to keep off last year’s 3rd Round Pick Brandon Williams. Both corners are pretty bad despite playing with Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu, and it’s a shame that the Cardinals haven’t upgraded the CB2 spot up to this point.

Projected Winner-Failure in Progress


QB Matt Barkley vs QB Brian Hoyer
San Francisco 49ers

Now we’re talking. Two gunslingers in San Fran going hit for hit in the ring. It’s reminiscent of the old days when Joe Cool Montana was fighting off Stormin’ Mormon Steve Young. Of course, we all know that that epic battle was a win-win for the Niners, much like this one should be. It doesn’t really matter who wins since either one is more than capable of leading this Niners team to a 4 and 12 season. Hell, maybe they could just use the old two QB system in order to take advantage of Hoyer’s poise and accuracy and Barkley’s laser-rocket cannon of an arm.

Projected Winner-Brian Hoyer


RB Eddie Lacy vs RB Thomas Rawls
Seattle Seahawks

Ever since Money Lynch retired and unretired and went to Oakland Las Vegas, the Seahawks have struggled to find a running back capable of being “the guy.” This is important for Seattle since they rely so much on a strong running game to make their offense work. Rawls, who looked like a stud in his rookie year took a huge step back last season and lost carries to rookie CJ Prosise and Christine Michael. Lacy on the other hand is a Pro Bowl running back who has, like many Americans, struggled with his weight. His former team, the Green Bay Packers, decided not to help Lacy with his weight problem and instead fat-shamed him and sent him on his way.

Projected Winner-Thomas Rawls


QB Aaron Rodgers vs QB Brett Hundley
Green Bay Packers

Just like it was time for Brett Favre to pass the torch on to a young Aaron Rodgers nine years ago, it may be time for Rodgers to concede the starting QB job to Hundley. Some may argue that Rodgers is still at the top of his game, but if he is indeed still at the top of his game, then why was Rodgers benched in the 4th quarter of the NFC Championship Game in favor of Hundley? That right there is a little something that I like to call a fact, and you can’t argue facts. The Packers’ willingness to put Hundley in over Rodgers in the most important game of the season for the Packers when they’re down 44-21 in the 4th should speak volumes about where the team believes its future is.

Projected Winner-Brett Hundley

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