The Official 2017 NFL Draft Drinking Game

Here is your official 2017 NFL Draft drinking game! The draft starts tonight (Thursday) at 8pm on both ESPN (RIP) and on NFL Network.  This list will be updated as the draft goes on all weekend.



Take one drink:

  • Your team drafts a player
  • A prospect hugs Roger Goodell
  • Mel Kiper or Todd McShay says a prospect “has a high motor”
  • Trey Wingo makes up a nickname for a prospect
  • Roger Goodell mispronounces a prospect’s name
  • Mel Kiper says “high ceiling”
  • Anybody says “high football IQ”
  • Jon Gruden says “I love that guy”
  • Mel and Todd get into an argument over a pick
  • Someone says “best player available”
  • Someone mentions “philly cheesesteak”
  • Rocky statue is shown on TV
  • Eagle fans boo their pick


Take three drinks:

  • Your team drafts more than one player
  • Trey Wingo laughs at a nickname that he makes for a prospect
  • Anybody cusses on tv (four drinks if it’s Gruden)
  • A recruit’s situation is compared to Laremy Tunsil
  • Someone says St. Louis Rams or San Diego Chargers
  • Adam Scheffer takes a phone call during the broadcast
  • More than one quarterback taken in the top 10 picks
  • Mel says “Todd, Todd, Todd”
  • Gruden references his quarterback camp
  • The Patriots draft a white player


Finish your drink:

  • A team misses their pick
  • Someone talks about throwing the 2017 season for Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen
  • Aaron Hernandez is mentioned by name
  • Gruden makes a snarky comment to Mel Kiper
  • Your favorite team makes a dumb pick (looking at you Dion Jordan to Miami with the third overall)
  • An ESPN personality references the massive ESPN layoffs


Good luck and God Speed!  Comment below with your own suggestions and be safe!

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