Takkarist McKinley Can’t Rush the Passer

Can He Play?
Hell no. It’s crazy that he’s even being considered as a 1st round pick.

Who Is He
McKinley is an extremely raw, athletic linebacker. He’s almost entertaining to watch on film, but then you realize that he’s a freaking tease. McKinley has absolutely no pass rush moves. All of his production was force fed to him as he relied on creative coaching to put him in advantageous positions. McKinley also gets knocked to the ground way more than any potential first rounder should.

How He Projects
In my opinion, McKinley would be best suited as a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 defense, where he could be protected by his defensive line and roam free. Teams see him as a pass rusher however, and it just won’t work out for him in the NFL. He could be a solid special teams player after he earns the bust label.

Who He Compares To
Marcus Smith II-It’s almost scary how alike Smith and McKinley are as prospects. Smith, who has been a colossal bust, was only productive as a pass rusher in college when he had a free path to the quarterback. Along with this, McKinley is the same size and posted similar Combine numbers to Smith.

Where He’ll Go
Probably early Round 2, to a team like the Jets who will fall in love with his physical abilities. I could also see the Patriots drafting him and turning him into a stud somehow.

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