The 2010 NFL Draft in Review

I wanted to highlight the top 10 busts of the 2010 NFL Draft, but I can’t get a solid list of 10 busts without going deep into the 2nd Round. That draft was ridiculously good; I mean Dez Bryant fell all the way to 24! (probably because his mom’s a whore, allegedly) Of the first seven players selected, six were Pro Bowlers, with Sammy Sleeves being the only one not to get a free trip to Hawaii or Orlando. The rest of the first round is filled with studs, solid starters, and guys whom you can’t really classify as busts, but maybe they didn’t live up to their draft status. A quick short list would include: C.J. Spiller, a guy who was really, really good for a couple of years before his talent was sucked out of him like Charles Barkley in Space Jam; Tyson Alualu, who was a 2nd Round prospect chosen in the top 10, but hey, it’s the Jaguars; Brandon Graham and Derrick Morgan, but they’ve both earned second contracts and have been pretty solid starters; Jahvid Best, retired because of concussions before retiring because of concussions was cool; Kyle Wilson, just a standard shitty CB; and of course, the immortal Tim Tebow, Josh McDaniels’ finest selection. Even out of this group, the only real busts would be Tebow and Best, although you can make the argument that Slammin’ Sammy is a bust, but the dude has been OK when healthy (almost never), and he’s been acquired for a 2nd and a 1st Round pick in the span of two years. Bradford is a pretty big disappointment for sure, but he’s at least a decent starting QB.

The greatness of this draft didn’t stop in the first round. There were future All-Pro players to be had throughout the entire draft. Guys like: Rob Gronkowski, Kam Chancellor, T.J. Ward, Carlos Dunlap, Golden Taint, NaVorro Bowman, Jimmy Graham, Everson Griffen, Geno Atkins, Greg Hardy, and Aaron Hernandez (only a single convicted murderer now!) were all selected throughout the middle rounds of the draft. It was truly a great draft, especially when compared to the buckets of turd water that were the ’08 and ’09 Drafts.

As much talent as there was available, several teams inevitably found ways to royally fuck it up. The Colts, who were coming off of a 14-win season, got almost zero contributions from the team’s 2010 draft class. Jerry Hughes has had some success in Buffalo, but he was nearly invisible for the Colts while on the team, while other selections like Pat Angerer and Kevin Thomas, never became very good starters. Of course, if any team is going to fuck up a great draft, it’s going to be the Jaguars. Jacksonville had many great players available to take at number 10, including Earl Thomas and a ten-fingered Jason Pierre Paul, but chose a defensive lineman who could straight up bench, bro. Of course, the team sent its 2010 second rounder to the Patriots so that they could draft Derek Cox the year prior, and then took another DT named D’Anthony Smith in round 3. Needless to say, Jacksonville continued to set the building blocks for years and years of horrible Draft Day decisions.

For the sake of doing it, here’s a quick rundown of the Top 10 Busts from the 2010 Draft

10. Sergio Kindle-Baltimore Ravens: Had a pretty serious non-football-related brain injury that really set back his career.

9. Dexter McClusterfuck-Kansas City Chiefs: Scott Pioli’s attempt at getting his Wes Welker, McCluster was drafted to be a slot WR after being a RB in college. How the hell do you think that worked out?

8. Brian Price-Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Struggled with severe depression and walked away from the game.

7. Chris Cook-Minnesota Vikings: One of many early round CBs that didn’t work out for Minnesota. Cook spent five seasons in the league and had more arrests than interceptions.

6. Jimmy Clausen-Carolina Panthers: At least they got a different universally hated QB in the next draft who was actually good.

5. Kyle Wilson-New York Jets: a 1st Round slot cornerback?

4. Tyson Alualu-Jacksonville Jaguars: Just your typical Jaguars 1st Round reach/bust. He had a great Combine where he cranked out sick reps on the bench, but he has been a mediocre lineman.

3. C.J. Spiller-Buffalo Bills: Let’s look back for a second—The Bills drafted Marshawn Lynch in 2007 after Willis McGahee trashed the women in Buffalo, then drafted Spiller after Lynch became the 3rd string back. Now, Spiller has bounced around like 10 teams in the past year, and the Raiders are negotiating a trade with Seattle to pry Lynch out of retirement. That’s just how the Bills work.

2. Rolando McClain-Oakland Raiders: For once it seemed like the Raiders were making a smart draft pick. Yes, an inside linebacker in the top 10 is not a smart allocation of resources, but dammit, it’s the Raiders, and they’re not drafting the guy with the fastest 40 time for once. At least we always have this beauty.

1. Sam Bradford-St. Louis Rams: Bradford may be the only draft bust who was traded for a 2nd and 1st Round pick in consecutive years. Yet he’s been so injury-prone and mediocre that his teams are always trying to get rid of him.

There you go, the top 10 “busts” of the awesome 2010 NFL Draft.

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