The Jaguars Always Ruin Free Agency

NFL Free Agency is almost always a huge letdown. Between teams franchise tagging their best impending free agents and the bottom feeders of the league signing the sought after guys, us NFL elitists are left with nothing but anger, and a few more holes in our teams’ roster. This brings me to my next point-fuck the Jaguars. The Jags have been the big spenders of free agency for the past four years or so, yet they still suck ass. They always sign mass fucking quantities of free agents with a “fuck the price tag” mentality, and it never works out as they release those same guys two years later, and promptly sign another guy to a bloated contract to take their spot. My problem with this is that the Jaguars steal productive players who could benefit a good team because they have the money to do so. Here’s a thought for the Jags organization-draft good players to re-sign and stop making free agency all about you. I saw that the Jags are expected to pursue stud DE Calais Campbell. Really? Didn’t you just blow $90 million on Malik Jackson? The year before that you signed Jared Odrick to a bloated deal, Red Bryant in 2014, and Sen’Derrick Marks in 2013. Cut this shit out Jacksonville! On top of that, guys like Prince Amukamara and Julius Thomas were sent to the Florida wasteland, never to be heard from again. And what do the Jags have to show for it? A whopping 5 wins in 2015. That’s was their best season since they became new league year high rollers anyway. Fuck the Jaguars.

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